Dr. Rachel Snider

Dr. Rachel Snider joined ESA's science department in the fall of 2018. A native of Montgomery, Alabama, she earned a bachelor's degree from Sweetbriar, a small women's liberal arts college in Virginia, and holds a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University, where she focused on electrochemistry. Thinking she wanted to be a college professor, Dr. Snider worked in a microbiology lab in Minnesota, and served as a civilian research contractor for the Navy. In her three years with the Navy, she worked to develop microbial fuel cells.

In choosing to teach high school instead of college, Dr. Snider hoped to be able to focus more on her students and felt she'd have a bigger impact in how they view science than she would teaching at the college level. After teaching at an all-girls school in Memphis, Tennessee, for four years, Dr. Snider looked for a new adventure, and was drawn to the outdoor setting at ESA.

"Being able to walk outside between classes, to take a deep breath, helps in dealing with the everyday life of a teenager," she says. She also appreciated that ESA students are invested in their education and willing to give it their best shot. 

A lifelong Episcopalian, Dr. Snider is also a fan of Dr. Who, Marvel movies, college football, and hockey. She spends her free time cooking, gardening, singing in the church choir, and spending time with her 15-year-old cat, Einstein.


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