Middle School Closing

Middle School Closing
May 24, 2023

Course Awards

English - Jessie Roane
History - Scout Helveston
Intro to Algebra - Kalina Garcia
Algebra I - Andon Bergeron
Algebra I Honors - Avery Elise Monica/ Tripp Kordisch
Geometry Honors - Cain Meche
Science - Andon Bergeron
French 8 - Cain Meche
French I (US) - Rosie Kane
French II & Honors - Avery Monica
Spanish 8 - Avery Pitre
Spanish I - Andon Bergeron
Theatre I - Lorainne Malinowski
Design Foundations - Cecilia Sugeng and Paxton Leger
Music I - Austin Drew

Middle School Athletes of the Year
Scout Helveston, Avery Monica, Riggs Ryan

Eighth-Grade Citizenship Award
Chloe Heumann

The recipients of the class Citizenship Awards selflessly care for their school and their classmates, working behind the scenes to improve the world around them. These students are not only highly regarded by faculty members, their excellent attitudes are respected by classmates. We are proud to recognize these deserving students for their contributions to life at ESA.

Martha Annan Cooper Citizenship Award
Paxton Leger

The Martha Annan Cooper Citizenship Award was created to honor a special eighth-grade student. ESA is fortunate to be filled with wonderful students, but on this day the entire Middle School faculty chooses to recognize someone who stands out from his or her peers during their years at ESA. The criteria for the citizenship award is taken from a line in our school prayer, “Bless us in our work and in our play. Make us gentle, generous, truthful, kind, and brave.”

Valerie Marsalis Cox Award
Avery Monica 

The highest honor that can be received by an eighth grader at ESA is the Valerie Marsalis Cox Award. Mrs. Cox was instrumental in the beginning of the Middle School at ESA and served as the head of Middle School for many years. Mrs. Cox was a special woman who naturally made everyone around her feel that they were loved and appreciated. The criteria for the Valerie Marsalis Cox Award is an eighth grade student who attended ESA Middle School all three years, demonstrates pride in the school, exhibits strength of character, respects authority, participates in service to the school and community, respects the individual, holds academics in high esteem and exhibits good sportsmanship and leadership.


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