ESA's Youth Legislature Team

ESA's Youth Legislature team attended the program's annual conference in Baton Rouge last weekend. In the mock legislative session, students were able to present and debate bills, vote, and more - all in the House and Senate chambers of the State Capitol. A bill written by Anil Cacodcar and Tate Broussard was chosen by secret ballot, a bill by Lauren Gachassin passed the House, and a bill by Corbitt Driskell was passed into law. Other students served as justices and lobbyists. Four ESA students ran for office to serve at next year's conference, and their campaigns were successful: House Floor Leader - Anil Cacodcar; President of the Senate - Corbitt Driskell; Chief Supreme Court Justice - Bridger McCasland; and Governor - Grant Suire. Congratulations to ESA's Youth Leg team: Grant Suire, Maudry Anne Nichols, Lauren Gachassin, Corbitt Driskell, Makenna Cullen, Tate Broussard, Jaya Kasturi, Bridger McCasland, Peter Kaiser, Anil Cacodcar, and Amelia Leroux!

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