Middle School

ESA's middle school gives students the chance to build on strengths and to try out new roles. From academics and leadership to athletics and arts, opportunities are open to anyone willing to participate.

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  • Learning by Doing

    Whether it's conducting experiments in the science lab, recreating literary scenes with Lego figures or walking the campus with cameras in hand to record history, ESA's middle schoolers take an active approach to learning. Students are given the chance to explore their interests while learning the organizational skills that will serve them through the challenges of high school. Teachers provide support while allowing students greater independence and responsibility for their own success.
  • Leadership Opportunities

    From Student Council and class officers to club and team captains, middle schoolers find plenty of chances to lead. Students are invited to serve as hosts for visitors and to coordinate social and community service events. Class trips offer students new ways to lead, from tackling a ropes course to coordinating a group meal.
  • Network of Support

    Middle school teachers serve as mentors and advisors, both in class and through the advisory program, which brings students and teachers together in small groups once a week. During the advisory/tutorial period on Tuesdays and Thursdays, students are encouraged to seek out teachers to make up any missed work or to benefit from further explanation of topics. The Academic Support program supports students with learning differences and those who need help developing the organizational skills to succeed. Through the peer tutoring program, upper school National Honor Society members help middle schoolers prepare for tests, organize essays and understand difficult concepts.
  • Building Community

    Through class and advisory competitions, clubs and service projects, middle schoolers get to know one another and move easily between groups. Participatory sports give every student the chance to be a member of a team. The Performing Arts department welcomes all interested middle schoolers as members of the cast, band and crew for the spring musical. Three times a week, middle schoolers join upper schoolers for chapel, where members of the community come together to worship, share their personal stories and beliefs, and showcase their talents through performances. Underlying it all, ESA's Honor Code creates an environment of respect and trust.

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  • Andrea Hernandez 

    Head of Middle School
    (337) 365-1416 x258
  • Christina Hidalgo 

    Science Department Chair, Middle School Coordinator
    (337) 365-1416 x252
  • Monti Smith 

    Middle School Counselor
    (337) 365-1416 x260
  • Mike Bourgeois 

    Athletic Director
    (337) 365-1416 x340
  • Vivica Marino 

    Dean of Student Life
    (337) 365-1416 x233

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  • What are the hours of a typical school day?

    For 6th through 12th graders, school begins at 8:00am and ends at 3:25pm. Various after-after school activities often require students to ride the late bus. The Cade campus follows a modified block schedule.
  • What is ESA's BYOD program?

    At ESA, technology is a tool used to enhance teaching and learning. ESA’s Cade campus is a  BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment. We believe this approach allows families the flexibility to choose which device(s) work best for them. While three computer labs still remain on campus, students are required to bring their own device to school daily to have access to technology in any setting. Students use their devices both inside and outside the classroom for communicating, collaborating, creating presentations and other projects, as well as for research, data crunching and computing. An ESA education does not center around technology; it is simply another way that our students interact with the world around them. When you combine the right tools with fantastic teachers, amazing things happen,” says headmaster Paul Baker. Students are given the choice of tablet, laptop or other device that meets the specific requirements outlined in our BYOD Minimum System Specifications.
  • Which languages are offered in middle school?

    Students can study either French or Spanish. Graduation requirements include completing a Level 3 language course.

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