Annual Fund

At the core of the ESA's support is the Annual Fund. Donors support the school by providing unrestricted funds to be used at the Headmaster's discretion for areas of greatest need, including direct funding for new projects and programs, or areas where a special emphasis may be needed. Whether to support student life, extracurriculars or academic programming, these funds are critical to the growth and continued success of the school. By giving annually to ESA, you are participating in a powerful vehicle to transform the ESA Experience.

2018-2019 Annual Fund Donors

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  • Benefactors Circle

    Dawn and Ben Adams
    Celine and Jibran Atwi
    Haley and Lon Baronne
    Christin and Joey Barrios
    Shari and Bob Blem
    Anne Gaiennie and David Bordes
    Michele and Hugh Brashier
    Emmy and Jason Breaux
    Debbie and David Burns
    Ann and Jeff Chen
    Janet and Brian Clement
    Jamie and Kenny DesOrmeaux      
    Melissa and Rene Dominique  
    Shari and Terry Dressel
    Ann and Gene Dupree
    Elise and Kohlie Frantzen
    Julia and Greg Gachassin
    Jessica and Philip Gachassin 
    Gus Godchaux   
    Christy and Jeremy Harson
    Charice and Chip Hebert
    Lisha and Michael Hebert
    Misty and Mark Herpin
    Ann and Pat Herrington
    Alexa and Peter John
    Kelli and Henry Kaufman
    Farha Khan and Ilyas Munshi
    Ashley and John Martin, MD
    Blair and Wade May
    Monica and Tom McCasland
    Elizabeth and Jay McCormick     
    Joslyn and Kris McCoy
    Charlotte and Toby Menard
    Erin and Joey Monica
    Ashley and Jerome Moroux
    Ginger and Mike Norvell
    Novartis Matching Gift Center
    Elena Arcos Pecoraro
    Jennie and Brad Pellegrin
    Kylie and Court Ramsay
    Leryn and Jaime Richaud
    Elizabeth and Andrew Robertson
    Catherine and Rob Robison
    Cindy and Mark Romero
    Elizabeth and Eric Romig
    The Savoy Family, LLC
    Shell Oil Company Foundation
    Isabella and John Sledge
    Annie and Joe Spell
    TD, Inc.
    Charlotte and Patrick Welch
    Melissa and Matthew Williams
  • Headmasters Circle

    Lynn and George Arceneaux     
    Lauren and Paul Baker
    Erin and Bret Beyer
    Lynn and Gene Blevins
    Carolyn and Paul Breaux
    Opal and Harvey Broussard 
    Candy and Gordy Broussard
    Robin and David Buchanan
    Kelly and Kelly Cahill
    Shelley and Boo Cestia
    Ann and Ryan Chauffe
    Patricia and Brady Como
    Danielle and Tyson Cromwell
    Christy and Tony Dillane
    Celeste and Tom Dolan 
    Sharlene and Harvey Dubois
    Nicole and Darryl Elias    
    Lauren Dupré 
    Barbe and Randy English
    Dana and Thomas Falterman
    Ling Zhang and Yin Feng 
    Melanie and Nicholas Fitzmorris    
    Erin and Ryan Furby
    Cara and Jerry Gerdes
    Dr. David and Jeannie Granberry   
    Gwen and Dustin Guillotte     
    A'Dair and Chris Herrington
    Lynzie Boudreaux and 
       Ryan Hoffpauir
    Marnie and Casey Hoyt
    Laura and Steve Jankower
    Jamie and David Joseph
    Elizabeth and Moses Kitakule
    Julie and William Kyle  
    Amy and Chris Lee
    Tonya and Tim Lemoine
    Allison and Joe Lightfoot
    Therese and Ed Lisecki
    Nahla and Fadi Malek
    Greta and Eric Massey
    Stephanie and Gary Mathews
    Leah and Johnson McKnight
    Donna and Randolph Moity
    Kat and Eric Movassaghi
    Susie and David Muldowny
    Joni and King Munson
    Brandy and Clint Musemeche
    Melanie and Donald Nassar
    Courtney and Stephen Nickel
    Mardi and Peter North
    Northwestern Mutual
    Mandi and Brent Pooler
    Potty Girl
    Peggy and William Quinlan
    Allison and Norris Rader
    Gale and Jeff Rhoades
    Ashley and Lon Riley
    Anne and Tim Ryan
    Becky and Stewart Shea
    Jennifer and Sam Shuffler
    Virginia and Pat Stokes
    Laurie and Jay Suire
    Catherine and Corwin Thomas, MD
    Jennifer and Robbie Trahan
    Donna and James Troyanowski
    Michelle and Paul Wiltz
    Colleen and Jeff Wolverton
  • Donors Circle

    Vina and Brian Baker
    C.C. and Jeff Bienvenu
    Karrie and Chris Blanco
    Harriett and Carroll Boudreaux
    Vivian and Scott Broussard
    Amy and Michael Broussard
    Lori and Vic Bush
    Jian and Jian Chen
    Keying Xu and Sheng Chen
    Suguna Veeramachineni and       
       Sai Chennamsetty
    Jenny and James Cole
    Tracie and Chris Cotteleer
    Emily and Chuck Crochet
    Jan and Terry Cromwell
    Julia and James Davidson
    Angela and Tyler Davis
    Barbara de la Houssaye 
    Elizabeth and Dustin Dorsey
    Philip Finley  
    Jeanne and Charlie Fitzgerald
    Angelle and Travis Frank
    Rebecca and Rodolfo Garcia     
    Stephanie and Jade Gaspard
    Michael Geyer
    Alisa and Gregg Gothreaux
    Ormond and Jay Guenard
    Phebe and Harold Hayes 
    Sally Herpin
    Greg Hidalgo
    Hub City Ford   
    Suzette and Clayt Hulin  
    Amy and Jason Janik
    Maribel Dietz and Jordan Kellman     
    Kathy and Darren Ladner
    Lands' End, Inc.
    Suzanne and Daniel LeBoeuf
    Siao Yong Ly
    Diana Maggini
    Ashlyn Fortier and Cody McClanahan     
    Mr. and Mrs. Karl McCormick, Sr. 
    Christie and Karl Meche
    Kara and Trey Miller   
    Valerie and Rickey Miniex    
    Natalie and Ian Moity
    Maura and Chase Nelson 
    Northwestern Mutual Foundation
    Dani and Albert Oldfield
    Kathleen O'Shaughnessy
    Kip & King Marketing
    Andrea and Jim Pate
    Shira and Mike Pfister
    Elizabeth and Tyron Picard
    Anne and Bill Pyle
    Nicole and Jason Quinlan
    Patti and Mitch Reed
    Juanita and Harold Rideau
    Missy and Don Ross
    Stephanie and Brad Rupe
    Mary-Margaret and 
       Bennett Sabatier
    Reshma Bhanushali and
       Surag Subramanian
    Cristyana and Budi Sugeng
    Kate and Tahanie Thibodeaux
    Jane and Chuck White
    Christy and Wendt Withers
  • Difference Makers

    Erica Ahern and Coy Lorraine
    Ann and Hub Allums
    Claire and Daniel Alvarado
    Bonnie and Ricky Anderson
    Amanda and André Arceneaux
    Patty and Andrew Armond
    Carla and Lewis Ashbey
    Donna Aucoin
    Ramsey and Kevin Ayers
    Julie and Randall Babineaux
    Kathy and Ken Back
    Jene and Randel Badeaux
    Elena and Michael Baker
    Amber Barfield
    Nancy Porter Barras
    Virginia and Edward Baty
    Ramona and Jeff Begnaud
    Lori Lemelle and James Belanger
    Sarah and Jon Berthelot
    Barbara and Tom Black
    Claire and Brian Blanchard
    Julie and Richard Blanchard
    Leann and Charles Blem
    Alyshia and Kenny Boagni
    Lois and Ken Boagni
    Rachel and Mike Bourgeois
    Sarah and Benjamin Boutte
    Alicia and Brent Bouy
    Box Tops for Education
    Lisa and Mike Boyer
    Roger Boynton
    Allison and Noah Brandon
    Michelle and Brandon Breaux     
    Barbara and Ken Bridges
    Angie and Mark Broussard
    Jill and Charlie Broussard
    Joanne and Todd Broussard
    Diana and Mark Broussard
    Beryl Browning
    Jonathan Brunet
    Emily Brupbacher
    Beverly and Steven Burgin
    Susan and Edward Bush
    Claire and Josh Caffery
    Cindy Camel
    Pam and David Cameron
    Katy and John Campbell
    The Carbo Family
    Debi and Bert Carbo
    Delecia and Tom Carey
    Elizabeth and Eric Carlson
    Candace Carroll and 
       Nelwyn Slocum
    Sybil and Jacoby Carter
    Jennifer and Mark Cascio
    Harriet Castille
    Muriel and Collin Castille
    Carrie Castile and 
       Robert Robichaux
    Marilyn and Jack Castle
    Elizabeth and Scott Caswell
    Mr. and Mrs. Chester Cedars
    Lanminh and Lloyd Chachere        
    Janetta and Scott Chrysler
    Walter Clarke
    Deb Cochran
    Laura and Lucas Colligan
    Community Coffee
    Sandy Thompson and 
       Stuart Cornwell
    Paulette and Richard Counce
    Hilda and Elwood Courvelle
    Nan and Rob Cowan
    Lisa and Pearson Cross
    Kim and Andy Dakin
    Ashleigh D'Aunoy and 
       Paul Conover
    Amber and Randy Curtis
    Linda V. Dautreuil
    Kaitlin Davis
    Jolie Delafosse
    Anu and Amol Desai
    Lesley Deshotels and 
       David Kinder
    Paula and Gaylon Deville
    Stephen Devine
    Christi and Chris Disher
    Susan and Lloyd Doré
    Ashley and Jason Dugas
    Natalie Scott Dugas
    Tasha and Jeremy Dugas
    Liz and David Duhon
    Cindy and Vencie Duhon
    Anna Belle and Alton Duhon
    Coty and Andre Eastin
    Rhonda Egan
    Taylor Elliott
    Lisa and Mark Fabre
    Donna and Claud Fallis
    Jason Fatheree
    Shelli and Steven Feist
    Jackie Fernandez
    Kate Fisher
    Ramon Fonseca, Sr.
    Lauren Foti
    Rochelle Fournier
    Jeanne Franques
    Daniel Frey
    Shannon and Bobby Frugé
    Heather and Reese Fuller
    Funding Factory
    Lyndahl Fuselier
    Jill and Paul Gabourel
    Donald Gagnard
    Missy and Earl Gates
    Martha and Mitch Gilfoil
    Margaret and Pat Gilfoil
    Frank Gladney
    Rachel Goldman
    Andrea and Zoltan Gombos
    Shantell and David Gomez
    Daniel Gould
    Carla and Matthew Granberry  
    Susan and Robert Gravois
    Jennifer and Andy Graycheck
    Elizabeth and Matt Green
    Lauren and Christian Grundy
    Mary Claire Guidry
    Rose and Burton Guilbeau
    Cindy and Paul Gulotta
    Kathy and Billy Gunn
    Lesley and Rick Halsall
    Jane Yeager Harris
    Kayla and Gerry Hebert
    Barbie Hedge and 
       Bouchaib Gadir
    Andrea and Greg Hernandez
    Maggie and Lloyd Hernandez
    Christina Hidalgo
    Anne and Jimmy Hlavacek
    Julie and Eric Hoggatt
    Ursula and Curtis Hudson
    Sylvia and Merle Hudson
    Laurie and Jason Huffman
    Kathryn and Ryan Hull
    Peter Hunt
    Kristi Wyble Hunter
    Jeannine and Joe Hussey
    Anita and Jebb Huval
    Candace Jackson
    Miao Jin and Yujian Wang
    Jenny Melanson and 
       Bullard Jones
    Cindy and Scott Jordan
    Kristi and Brad Judice
    Betty Judice
    Renee and Ricky Judice
    Janet and Steve Kaiser
    Christie and James Kane
    Virginia and William Kellner
    Katie and Rick Kennedy
    Stacy and Richard Kennedy
    Debby and Richard Kennedy
    Gigi and Clint Kerns
    Kellie and Gary Kinsland
    Alicia and Michael Klein
    Aline and Yamen Korab
    Cathy and Henry Kwong
    Kelly and Jacque Labry
    Claire LaCroix
    Kathy and Darren Ladner
    Amy and Tad Lalande
    Dawn and Shay Lambright
    Mary Kay and Paul Landry
    Sarina and Dave Lapeyrouse        
    Lori Lapoint
    Cindy Lassalle
    Gannon Lasseigne
    Yung-Hsing Wu and 
       John Laudun
    Carole Lawrence
    Mary LeBlanc
    Dana LeBlanc
    Carolyn and Kearney Leger
    Dione Leger
    Marsha and Andy LeGoullon
    Carol and John LeGoullon
    Sarah and Brandon LeJeune
    Zhe Sun and Jia Li
    Kelly and Mike Lipari
    Elizabeth and Patrick Little
    Emily Brupbacher Lyles
    Mabel's Labels
    Laura Magann
    Paula and Bill Majeau
    Megan Dobyns and 
       Peter Manganello
    Margaret and Matthew Manning 
    Jorge A. Martinez
    Edye and Kenneth Mayers
    Yoly and Michael Mayeux
    Cindy Mayeux
    Emily and Steve McCall
    Jill and Brett McGehee
    Jennifer and Mark McKay
    Ramona and Loren McNeely
    Adrienne and Jason Mejias
    Michelle and Chuck Melchior
    Barbara and Don Meyer
    Julie and Ken Miller
    A.C. Miller
    Cathy and Jerome Mills
    Deanna and Don Mills
    Betsy and Robert Minvielle
    Natalie and Ian Moity
    Pamela and John Monteleone
    Patricia and Marshall Montgomery
    Donald Montie
    Asa Moss
    Danielle and Asa Moss
    Ginger and Mitchell Mouton
    Omar Munshi
    Angel and Chris Myers
    Arlene and Mani Nagendran
    Jan Risher and Julio Naudin
    Christine and David Neuner
    Becca and Andy North
    Michelle and Kenneth Odinet
    Carolyn and Sven Oertel
    Mila Olivier
    Kim and Tony Parris
    Nicky and Grant Pecoraro
    Heidi and Adam Perry
    Elizabeth and Peter Pham
    Rhonda and James Pillaro
    Amanda Carr and Billy Plauche
    Marissa and Michael Prejean
    James Proctor
    Sylvia Putnam
    Ursula Quoyeser
    Collette and Norris Rader
    Sally and Matt Rainey
    SuSu and John Rainey
    Sara Rayburn and 
       Jack McCaffery
    Tina and Emil Regard
    Shawn and Jamie Rhymes
    Megan and Jacob Richard
    Tina and Robert Richard
    Lindy Roberthon
    Jeanne and Mark Roberts
    Sarah Robinson
    Karen and Rusty Roden
    Amie Rogers and Cliff Benjamin
    Lynn and Ricky Romaire
    Erin and Blake Romero
    Allie and Garrett Rosen
    Milissa and Gerald Ross
    Kat and Stuart Roy
    Suzanne and Carl Rupe
    Cecile and Ben Sabbaghian
    Stephanie Vargas and   
       Hector Sanchez
    Shannon Dolive and 
       Matthew Savoy
    Meaghan and Chris Savoy
    Nedra and Billy Seay
    Beverly Sibille
    Anne and Charles Skipper
    Natalie Scott
    Summer Slater
    Monti and Bill Smith
    Jeni and Reid Smith
    Matilde and Cranston Smith
    Rachel Snider
    Elise and Scott Sonnier
    Rachel and Richard Spoon
    Heather Sterling and 
       Todd Fuller
    Shawn Stokley
    Keira and Jerami Stortz
    Josette Surratt
    Kristin Tassin
    Emily and Lance Theriot
    Leslie and Jack Tidwell
    Johnny and Eric Toce
    Todd's Sales & Service, Inc.
    Holly and Ben Trant
    Willam Keeton Turner
    Cabell Tutwiler
    Kelly and Justin Uebinger
    Ann and Warner Veillon
    Gwenne and Robert Waddell
    Kari and Michael Walker
    Melanie and James Waskom
    Hope and David Wenger
    Anne and Gordon Whitman
    Elizabeth and Phillip Whitman
    Jodi Wilger
    Renee and Bill Wood
    Amanda and Lawrence Yantis
    Emma and Linzay Young

Annual Fund Q&A

List of 6 items.

  • Why does ESA have an Annual Fund?

    At ESA, tuition and fees do not cover the total cost of educating each student. As with all independent schools, ESA seeks to make up the difference between income and expenses through gifts to the Annual Fund.
  • Who gives to the Annual Fund?

    Parents, past parents, trustees, faculty, alumni, grandparents, corporations, foundations and friends
  • What is my Annual Fund gift used for?

    From PK3 through 12th grade, each student directly benefits from your generosity. Gifts to the Annual Fund support salaries, technology, libraries, classroom materials, athletics, the arts, facilities maintenance and so much more.
  • When should I give to the Annual Fund?

    Now! While the fiscal year goes through June 30th, ESA uses Annual Fund dollars immediately to cover educational costs in the current school year.
  • How much should I give to the Annual Fund?

    We ask each family to consider thoughtfully and give as generously as you can. We value your participation at whatever level is comfortable for you, and recognize that the gifts will range from $10 to $10,000. The only gift too small is no gift at all. 
  • What is the Annual Fund goal?

    Each year when the Board of Trustees sets the annual budget for the coming school year, an Annual Fund goal is set as well. This year, the Annual Fund goal is $300,000. A secondary goal is 75% parent participation. A high percentage of parent participation sends a message to organizations and individuals who offer sources of funding. It says ESA parents believe in what we do!
Thank you for all of the ways you support ESA!

Giving Circles

List of 5 items.

  • Benefactors Circle

    $2,500 and above
  • Headmasters Circle

    $1,000 to $2,499
  • Donors Circle

    $500 to $999
  • Difference Makers

    $1 to $499
  • In Appreciation

    All donors are listed in ESA's publications unless they request that their gifts remain anonymous. Contributors at the Headmaster level and above are invited to an annual Holiday Party at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Paul Baker. ESA's Benefactors are honored at a private dinner and other special gatherings. 

Episcopal School of Acadiana

Episcopal School of Acadiana is a private coeducational day school for students in grades PK3 through 12. Our mission is to instill in every student the habits of scholarship and honor.
ESA does not discriminate on the basis of physical disability, race, religion, gender, or national or ethnic origin.
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