Student Leadership

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STUCO - ESA's Student Leaders

ESA's Student Council acts as a voice for the student body and as a leader in student life. The Council encourages students to share their ideas to better the community and works with students to carry out their ideas.
Made up of an Executive Council and representatives from each upper school class, the Student Council plans various school-wide activities throughout the year. Traditional celebrations include Culture Fest, Halloween, Homecoming/Winter Formal and Mardi Gras. STUCO is also in charge of the Falcon Cup, a year-long competition between grades to win the coveted Falcon Cup Trophy. Students and faculty are divided into four houses by grade level. 

  • 12th and 6th
  • 11th and 7th
  • 10th and 8th
  • 9th and faculty

2020-2021 Officers

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  • Executive Council

    President: Aline Malek
    Vice President: Taylor Guillotte
    Treasurer: Moiz Fazal
    Secretary: Ava Allam
    Honor Council President: Corbitt Driskell
    Discipline Council President: Arden Frantzen
  • 12th Grade

    President: Grant Suire
    Vice President: Thomas Rhymes
    Treasurer: Mai Landry
    Secretary: Kinsley Welch
    STUCO Reps: Matthew Bush, Lauren Gachassin
    Honor Reps: Emme Clement, Malaika Subramanian
    Discipline Reps: Estelle Godeaux, Maggie Shuffler
  • 11th Grade

    President: Ben Matthews
    Vice President: Maddie Breaux
    Treasurer: Ali Munshi
    Secretary: Emma Gombos
    STUCO Reps: Ayden Brown, Sydney Buchanan
    Honor Reps: Anil Cacodcar, Piper Leger
    Discipline Reps: Caitlin Cotteleer, Regan Manning 
  • 10th Grade

    President: Ian Allam
    Vice President: Atley Troxclair
    Treasurer: Irene Kaiser
    Secretary: Luke Huffman
    Sophomore STUCO Reps: Elena Alvarado, Lucy John
    Sophomore Honor Rep: Madeleine Martin, Morgan Williams
    Sophomore Discipline Rep: Lilly LeFleur, Stephen Rhymes
  • 9th Grade

    President: Millie Gros
    Vice President: Reese Foret
    Treasurer: Ella Langford
    Secretary: Allison Aucoin
    Freshman STUCO Reps: Anna Breaux, Briley Herpin
    Freshman Honor Rep: Henry Fuller, Camille Movassaghi
    Discipline Reps: Hailey Britton, Zoya Subramanian 

Honor and Discipline

As part of the Student Council, the Honor and Discipline Councils are charged with educating students about ESA's Honor Code and Code of Conduct. The Councils, made up of students and faculty members and led by student presidents, meet with students who violate the codes and recommend consequences for their actions. The Honor Code plays a large part in maintaining ESA's atmosphere of trust and respect. READ MORE

Episcopal School of Acadiana

Episcopal School of Acadiana is a private coeducational day school for students in grades PK3 through 12. Our mission is to instill in every student the habits of scholarship and honor.
ESA does not discriminate on the basis of physical disability, race, religion, gender, or national or ethnic origin.
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