Ms. Sarah Robinson

Lower School music teacher Sarah approaches her music classes as authentic arts instruction rooted in the academic elements of her discipline. At the same time, she brings energy, creativity and fun to her classes. She was named Teacher of the Week by The Advocate, and shared the thoughts below about teaching and music. Read more about Ms. Sarah here

Why did you decide to become a teacher?
I had a music teacher in high school who meant the world to me. I was going through a tough time, and that connection with my teacher and the music she shared with me helped me through. I knew I wanted to be a teacher like her, who was able to make children feel noticed and supported. In college, I double majored in education and vocal performance. As much as I loved to perform, I also knew I wanted to pass on my love of music to others.

How has the pandemic affected your work the most?
At the beginning of the year, singing indoors was not recommended, so we started this school year with a focus on rhythm. Additionally, the pandemic has opened my eyes to how important it is for children to move and be playful in a safe environment. There have been times where the students and I simply listen to a song and dance, socially distanced. I can feel the stress and weight lifting off of them.

What keeps you going, even during the tough times?
There are so many things. I love the beautiful works of art that children make and give to me. They energize and lighten each day. I love when students encourage one another. The faculty at our school is incredible. Also, knowing how much it means to students and parents that we are doing what we do to the best of our ability every day. When I keep this in mind, it is an honor to go on.


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