Upper School Awards

Congratulations to our Upper School Awards recipients!

Junior Book Awards 

Harvard Book Award - Ali Munshi
Hendrix College Odyssey Book Award - Piper Leger 
Rensselaer Medal - Ali Munshi 
Tulane Book Award - Caitlin Cotteleer
Smith Book Award - Regan Manning
Yale Book Award - Anil Cacodcar

Senior Departmental Awards 

Performing Arts - Sam Castille, Kathryn Dressell, Corbitt Driskell, Amélie Huval, and Kinsley Welch 
Senior Art Exhibit Award - Ben Eble
Literature Award - Arden Frantzen
Social Studies Award - Bridger McCasland
Mathematics Award - Luke LeGoullon
Science Award - Arden Frantzen
Cecile Garboushian Award for World Languages - Ava Allam (French) and Maggie Shuffler (Spanish)

Sidney Hebert Athletes of the Year

Adam Sabbaghian, Christian Herpin, Ava-Grace Hebert and Aline Malek

Course Awards

Visual Arts
Photography - Jaya Kasturi
2D Medium - Taylor Guillotte
Ceramics - Tyler Chen and Emma Cascio

Performing Arts 
Music III - Jacques Gachassin
Advanced Music - Matt Gary
Advanced Drama - Josie Movassaghi
Theatre I - Aubrey Ladmirault
Theatre and Musical Theatre - Charles Blem

English I - Henry Fuller and Curtis Hidalgo
English I Honors - Ayla Bergeron and Allison Aucoin
English II - Jessica Van Way and Elena Alvarado
English II Honors - Luke Huffman, Morgan Williams and Lilly Lafleur
English III - Clay Hebert and Coco Forest
English IV - Madyson McBroom
AP English Language - Anil Cacodcar
AP English Literature - Aline Malek and Thomas Rhymes

Social Studies
Civics - Mai Landry and Claire Dolan
Middle Eastern History - Jaya Kasturi
US History - Randy Moity
World History - Ayla Bergeron and Maria Sophia Sotiropoulou
AP European History - Harrison Suire and Liam Majeau
Western Civ - Emma Dugas
AP US History - Anil Cacodcar and Ali Munshi
AP US Government - Malaika Subramanian

Geometry Honors - Perry Joseph
AP Calculus BC - Anil Cacodcar
Geometry - Reese Foret and Adleigh Caldwell
AP Statistics - Aline Malek and Ava Allam
Calculus - Moiz Fazal and Ava-Grace Hebert
Pre-Cal Honors - Regan Manning and Caitlin Cotteleer
Pre-Cal - Peyton Stokely and Richard Magann
Algebra II - Jessica Van Way and Addi Migues
Algebra II Honors - Irene Kaiser and Harrison Suire
AP Calculus - Luke Huffman and Emma Gombos

Physical Science - Maria Sophia Sotiropoulou and Hailey Britton
Physics - Nick Disher
AP Physics CM - Anil Cacodcar
AP Bio - Anil Cacodcar
AP Physics CE - Luke LeGoullon
AP Computer Science - Ali Munshi
Chemistry - Graycee Cline
Honors Chemistry - Ali Munshi
AP Chemistry - Peter Kaiser
Environmental Science - Peter Kaiser
Biology - Luke Huffman
Bio II Honors - Mai Landry

World Languages 
French I - Ayla Bergeron
French II - Harrison Suire
French II Honors - Maria Sophia Sotiropoulou
French III - Evan Lipari
French III Honors - Anna Breaux and Lilly Ouillet
French IV Honors - Caitlin Cotteleer
AP French - Anil Cacodcar
Spanish I - Ella Walton
Spanish II - Owen Broussard
Spanish II Honors - Hailey Britton
Spanish III - Sophia Salvaggio
Spanish III Honors - Adam Gombos
Spanish IV Honors - Maria Sophia Sotiropoulou

Upper School Citizenship Awards

ESA's motto, Excellence from Within, is not just a reference to academics and athletics but also to how a student approaches every aspect of life on campus. The recipients of class Citizenship Awards selflessly care for the greater good of their school and their classmates, working to improve the experiences of others and fostering the sense of community this school so values. Their generosity of spirit, goodwill, empathy, and willingness enrich all of us and our time together. 


Allison Aucoin
Curtis Hidalgo


Lucy John
Josh Mendoza


Tori Wilson
Taylor Guillotte

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