Lower School Awards

Congratulations to these students recognized at Lower School Closing, and to the members of the Class of 2028!

Third Grade:

Le Grand Concours- 
ESA 3rd- 5th graders compete each year in Le Grand Concours, a national competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French. Our students’ scores are compared to the over 3,000 students who competed in the elementary division. 

Bronze medals to two 3rd graders who scored between the 75th and 80th percentiles nationally: 

  • Sharon Lazarus
  • Lucy Olivier

Writing Awards:
The Writes of Spring is an annual contest for students in Lafayette Parish and five neighboring parishes, sponsored by the Lafayette Parish Public Library. This year we had winners in every grade from 2nd through 5th.

In second grade, Paisley Dejean won first place in nonfiction for “My Trip to Disneyland.”

William Kellner won first place in fiction for “A Day in Ancient Rome.”

Oliver Massey won 2nd place in the fiction category with “Goldilocks: A New Perspective.” 

First place in the 3rd-4th poetry division was awarded to a piece entitled “Autumn” by Sharon Lazarus.

Fourth grade awards:
Le Grand Concours

Ten 4th grade students earned bronze medals for scoring within the 75th- 80th percentiles nationally: 

  • Lucille Belanger
  • Evy Brennan
  • Hadley DeJean
  • Amy Feng
  • Camille Herrington
  • Chaney Frances Joseph
  • Christopher Lee
  • Pierce Perret
  • Lewis Regard
  • Stella Walker

Seven students earned silver medals for scores within the 85th-90th percentiles:

  • E.J. Broussard
  • Camille Cromwell
  • Emery Fugarino
  • Raj Kasturi
  • Muskaan Lodha
  • Michael Prejean
  • Sophie Wilson

Writing Awards

Our 4th grade produced two winners in the fiction category of the regional Writes of Spring contest:

Chaney Frances Joseph won 3rd place for “The Pink Spot in the Sky.”

Sophie Wilson took 2nd place for “A Phoenix’s Birth.”

Youth Wetlands Writing

Fourth grade winners in a statewide writing competition sponsored by The Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection, and Restoration Act. Our 4th grade students swept the top two places in both the fiction and poetry categories:

William Cahill won 2nd place in the fiction category for  “Le Marais” 
Sophie Wilson won 1st place for her fiction piece entitled “The Star” 

Lucia Moroux took 2nd place in the poetry category for “An Ode to the Dragonfly”
Pierce Perret won 1st place for his poem: “The Swamp Chestnut Oak”

Fifth grade awards:

Le Grand Concours

The following students earned bronze medals for scores in the 75th - 80th percentile nationally.

  • Oz Arceneaux
  • Alison Clark
  • Molly Granberry
  • Robert Morrow
  • Jayden Shamburger

Writes of Spring 

The Writes of Spring contest is organized into different grade level brackets, and our 5th graders compete in the same category with 6th graders.

Matthew Green won 3rd place in the challenging nonfiction category with “The Gray Wolf”

Ben McWhorter’s fiction entry, “Back in Time,” earned 2nd place.

Math Olympiad Awards 

Each month, from November through March, our students take challenging, 30-minute, timed tests. Their scores are combined and compared to students from all 50 states and 30 other countries around the world.

Scoring in the top 50% of all of this year’s scores 
  • Finn Vale
  • Clara Troyanowski
  • Olivia Hebert
  • Rhett Desormeaux
  • Lillia Mosser
  • Reed Kennedy
  • Ciara Farmer
  • Lauren Conroy
  • Oz Arceneaux
Scoring in the top 40% of all scores
  • Matthew Green
  • Jayden Shamburger
  • Ben McWhorter
  • Dylan Hoyt
Scoring in the top 25%
  • Molly Granberry
  • Alison Clark
These students all scored in the top 20%
  • Erin Vige
  • Max Prellop
  • Jacob Janik

  • Jacob Janik also has the distinction of earning the highest score at our school 

The St. Barnabas Award is presented to the student who maximizes his or her experience at the Lower School and takes full advantage of all that ESA has to offer. This year’s recipient of the St. Barnabas Award is Alison Clark. 

The Headmaster’s Award is presented each year to the student who most exemplifies academic excellence, honor, and leadership. The recipient of the Headmaster’s Award  acknowledges a student who has made notable contributions to the well-being of our community. It is always difficult for the Lower School faculty to arrive at a single winner of the Headmaster’s Award when each class contains so many students who demonstrate so many of the traits for which the award is given. Some years, it is just too difficult, and this is one of those years, and so the faculty have chosen two recipients of the Headmaster’s Award. This year, the Headmaster’s Award is presented to Oz Arceneaux and Ben McWhorter.

View a recording of the ceremony here

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