US Dept. Awards

May 13th Upper School Awards

US Course Awards
Social Studies 
Civics - Clay Hebert
AP US Government – Emma Gombos 
AP Economics fall & spring – Ali Munshi and Anil Cacodcar
AP Physics C & E - Anil Cacodcar
AP Bio – Ali Munshi
Anatomy & Physiology – Emma Gombos
Physics – Alex Koval
AP Chemistry – Anil Cacodcar
AP Comp Science – Anil Cacodcar
AP Physics – Regan Manning 
Advanced Math – Peyton Stokley (Calculus) & Anna Schneider (Statistics) 
AB Calculus – Regan Manning
Abstract Linear Algebra – Ali Munshi & Anil Cacodcar
World Language 
French II & Honors French II – Felix Osborn
AP French – Ayden Brown
Visual Arts
2D – Anna Schneider
3D – Tyler Chen
Photography – Amelia Leroux
ExLabs – Piper Leger

Performing Arts
Advanced Music – Joseph Kaufman

Senior Scholar Athletes
Ali Munshi and Emma Gombos

Junior Book Awards
Harvard & Rensselaer Medal--Luke Huffman
Smith – Lilly LaFleur
Tulane – Lucy John
Yale – Irene Kaiser

Senior Department Awards

Yearbook - Piper Leger
Drama - Ben Mathews
Music - Matthew Gary
Visual Arts - Taylor Guillotte
Literature, Math, Science - Anil Cacodcar
Math - Ali Munshi and Anil Cacodcar
Social Studies - Caitlin Cotteleer
Language - Anil Cacodcar (French) and Emma Gombos (Spanish)

Sidney Hebert Athletes of the Year
Taylor Guillotte
Ayden Brown
Richard Magann
Ethan Harson

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