Mrs. Ashleigh D'Aunoy and Mrs. Paula Majeau

Enrichment Coordinator Ashleigh D’Aunoy and Learning Specialist Paula Majeau are enrolled in The Bridges Graduate School’s Doctoral (Ed.D.) Program in Twice Exceptional Education, Strength Based Talent Focused Education for Neurodiverse Learners. Twice Exceptional learners are gifted students who have some form of learning difference. The program, based in California, includes more than three years of online coursework and two weeks in residence every summer. 
“The neurodiversity movement - recognizing different brains and how they work - is a global movement,” says Mrs. Majeau. The two ESA teachers are working with other students from around the world and learning from teachers known as experts in the field. They’re eager to share their studies with their ESA colleagues, who continually work to create opportunities for diverse learners in their classrooms.

"We do a really good job here of embracing twice exceptional learners, but it will be helpful to have a greater understanding of how those brains work," says Mrs. D'Aunoy. "The program encourages us to view these students through a positive lens, to look at, for example, the strengths that dyslexic students may have because of how their brains are wired."


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