Hospital Experience

Members of the Med Sciences Club and the Biology II: Human Anatomy & Physiology class recently visited Ochsner Lafayette General Medical Center. 

"We expected a tour of the facilities, but we were actually very immersed in what was going on," said May Kordisch, '25, club co-founder. The students dressed in scrubs and other protective equipment, and visited operating rooms where they witnessed surgeons performing a hysterectomy, an orthopedic wrist surgery, and an oncological robotic laparoscopic surgery. "It was so interesting to see the patient in one place in the room and Dr. Breaux ten feet away viewing through a screen," said the other club cofounder, Maisy Prellop, '25. "It was really cool."

After viewing the surgeries, the students accompanied Dr. Foster Kordisch, May's father, on a tour of the ER, where they practiced using equipment such as an ultrasound machine and a scope. One of the highlights of the visit was a trip to the helipad on the roof. The students enjoyed seeing not only the hands-on work of the doctors, but also the collaboration and respect between the doctors, nurses, and medical staff. 

The Med Sciences Club's mission is to provide students interested in careers in medicine with opportunities to hear from doctors and other professionals working in various specialties. Thank you to Dr. Kordisch, Dr. Breaux, Dr. Elias, and the doctors, nurses, and staff of Ochsner Lafayette General!

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