Grace, '25

"I like how we can trust everybody here. We can leave stuff lying around. If you see something you shouldn't on a test, you won't change your answer because it's not the right thing to do. We know the Honor Code and we follow it."

Sixth grader Grace says one of the things she likes the best about the Cade Campus is that, if you don't know something, the older students don't laugh at you. They teach and help you. It's a fitting observation coming from Grace, who as a fifth grader founded the Lower School's Helping Hands Club to help teachers and students. Grace came up with the idea after reading the book Pay It Forward.

"If everyone did something nice, the world would be a better place," Grace says. Last year, the Helping Hands Club took on small projects such as an art sale to benefit Acadiana Animal Aid and a not-so-free dress day to support ESA's Tates/Tutwiler Fund for financial aid. Grace is happy to see the club continuing at the lower school even though she has moved on to middle school, where she plays volleyball, basketball, and soccer, and enjoys studying math. A musician too, Grace plays both guitar and piano. And she continues to help out wherever she can!


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