Celebrating Norooz

A kindergarten student introduced his classmates to Norooz, the Persian New Year celebration that begins on the first day of spring. He and his family provided items used to set a Haft Seen table. The Haft Seen has seven items that begin with the sound "s" in Farsi: Sabzeh, which are lentils grown in a tray or dish representing rebirth; Serkeh, which is vinegar representing age and patience; Seeb, which is an apple representing beauty and health; Seer, which is garlic representing medicine; Sumac, representing the color of the sunrise; Sonbol, which is the hyacinth flower representing the coming of spring; and Sekkeh, which are golden coins representing prosperity and wealth. The table also included a mirror which reflects the wishes of the person who is reflected and photos of the classmates who could not be there today so that they were included in their classmates' thoughts. The students painted eggs, which symbolize new life. Thank you for sharing this joyful celebration with Ms. Sandy's class!

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