US Course Awards

The ESA faculty presented the following 9th-11th grade students with course awards. At each grade level, the faculty also honored two students with citizenship awards. Congratulations to all!

English I Honors - Siyeon Joo
English I - Addison Manning
English II Honors - Owen Broussard
English II - Noah Webb
English III - Claire Garber 
Social Studies                                                       
World History - Scarlett Osborn                               
Western Civ - Austin Bienvenu                                
AP Euro - Adleigh Caldwell                                     
AP US History - Lilly LaFleur                                   
US History - Cooper Lightfoot                                 
Environmental Science - Irene Kaiser                      
Physical Science - Perry Joseph                             
Biology - Ayla Bergeron    
Chemistry - Cooper Lightfoot                                  
Chemistry Honors - Irene Kaiser                              
Intro to Computer Science - Luke Schwarz               
AP Physics C: Mechanics  Luke Huffman
Algebra I (US) - Lauren Hoover                               
Geometry - Anderson Frank                                    
Algebra II - Adleigh Caldwell, Christian Schwartz
Algebra II Honors - Perry Joseph                            
Pre-Calculus Honors - Arun Cacodcar, Lucy John
Pre-Calculus - Alena Alvarado, Reese Brasseaux
BC Calculus - Luke Huffman                                   
World Language                                                    
French I (US) - Will Brown
French II & Honors - Felix Osborn                           
French III - Jacques Gachassin
French III Honors - Perry Joseph
French IV Honors - Maria-Sofia Sotiropoulou           
Spanish I - Natalie Breaux (8th)                               
Spanish II - Anderson Frank                                    
Spanish II Honors - Lilly Rader
Spanish III - Owen Broussard                                  
Spanish III Honors - Hailey Britton
Visual Arts                                                            
3D - Claire Garber
Photography - Greer Hernandez
Performing Arts                                                    
Music II - Benjamin Kane  
Theatre II - Charlotte McKnight                               
Advanced Theatre - Maryn Roberts                         
Citizenship Awards                                               
Freshmen - Anderson Frank and Scarlett Osborn
Sophomores - Ella Walton and Patrick Fitzgerald
Juniors - Josh Mendoza and Reese Brasseaux
Scholar Athletes                                                    
9th Grade - Arun Cacodcar and Grace Pellegrin
10th Grade - Maria-Sofia Sotiropoulou and Owen Broussard
11th Grade - Irene Kaiser and Spencer McNeely
12th Grade - Ali Munshi and Emma Gombos

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