Lower School Closing

Congratulations to our rising sixth grade students, and for the students honored with awards and recognition!

Lower School Closing
May 25, 2022

French Awards:
Le Grand Concours
ESA 3rd and 4th graders competed in Le Grand Concours, a national competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French. Our students’ scores are compared to the over 3,000 students who competed in the elementary division. 

One 3rd grader scored at the 75th  percentile nationally. 
  • Ashe Pryor
Silver medals are awarded to three third graders who scored at the 95th percentile nationally.
  • Evelyn Carbo
  • Charline Korab
  • Reece Latiolais
Four 4th grade students earned silver medals for scoring within the 95th- 90th percentiles nationally: 
  • Annabel Clark
  • Arnav Kumar
  • Bea Lalande
  • Sharon Lazarus

Two fourth grade students earned gold medals for scores at the 95th percentiles:
  • Zeyd Ben Youssef
  • Emersen Chen

Math Awards 
Students in 4th and 5th grades from around the globe compete each year in Math Olympiad. Each month, from November through March, our students take challenging, 30-minute, timed tests. Their scores are combined and compared to students from all 50 states and 30 other countries around the world.

One 4th grader scored in the top 50% of all this year’s scores 
  • Bea Lalande
Two students scored in the top 25% of all this year’s scores are:
  • Sharon Lazarus
  • Oliver Massey (3rd grader)
Two students scored in the top 20% 
  • Lucy Olivier  
  • Emersen Chen 
In addition, Emerson has earned a trophy for the highest score among our 4th graders. 

5th graders scoring in the top 50% of all of this year’s scores 
  • Cooper Bishop
  • Cole Duhon
  • Emery Fugarino
  • Camille Herrington
  • Mae Walton
Scoring in the top 40% of all scores 
  • Lucille Belanger
  • EJ Broussard
  • Hadley DeJean
  • Isaac Feliz
  • Raj Kasturi
  • Chris Lee
  • Lily Oldfield
  • Michael Prejean
Scoring in the top 30% of all scores 
  • Camille Cromwell
  • Abigail Davis
  • Amy Feng
  • Robert May
Scoring in the top 25% 
  • Sophie Wilson
Scoring in the top 20% 
  • Chaney Francis Joseph

Scoring in the top 10%
  • Muskaan Lodha 
  • Clay Cestia 
And, for earning the highest score among the 5th graders:
  • Clay Cestia

Writing Awards: 
The Writes of Spring is an annual regional contest for students in Lafayette Parish and five neighboring parishes, sponsored by the Lafayette Parish Public Library. 

In the 3rd - 4th grade division:
  • Fourth grader Ian Romero won third place in the poetry competition for “ The Wetlands.”
  • Third grader Samaira Srivastava won second place in poetry for “So Much Depends Upon.”
  • First place in poetry was awarded to a piece entitled “Home” by 4th grader Bea Lalande.

5th-6th grade division:
  • Fifth grader Sophie Wilson placed first in fiction for her piece entitled, “The Mighty Dragon.”

LA WRITES is a statewide contest that includes winners  from Writes of  Spring as well as entries from across Louisiana. Entries are judged first at the local level and then selected pieces are sent on to be judged by professional authors and university professors.
In 4th grade:
  • A poem entitled “Autumn” by Sharon Lazarus earned 2nd place in her division. 
In 5th grade:
  • First place in poetry went to Emery Fugarino for “King.” 

Youth Wetlands Writing Contest is another statewide writing competition. It is sponsored by The Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection, and Restoration Act and was designed to provide young writers the opportunity to unleash their creativity while bringing awareness to the importance of Louisiana’s coastal wetlands, and to celebrate the gifts of Louisiana culture and its community spirit. 

ESA took the top places in the short fiction category for both age groups:
  • In 4th grade, Emersen Chen won 1st place for “Life.” 
  • In 5th grade, Sophie Wilson took 1st place for “The Deep Vine.”

ESA’s 4th grade swept  the poetry category:
  • Addie Kennedy took 3rd place in the poetry category for “Down in the Bayou.”
Two of our students tied for 2nd place in the poetry category: 
  • Sharon Lazarus for “ At the Bayou” 
  • Lucy Olivier for “ Down by the Bayou”
  • And in 1st place in the poetry category: Daniel Riggs for “Secrets of the Wetlands”

Flag Recognition
A sign of appreciation to one of our 5th graders. Every year, the 5th grade class shares the responsibility to raise and take down the American flag in the courtyard. William Granberry took over this responsibility as a 4th grader and has continued to run the whole operation. He made a schedule for flag duty, he trained each group on flag etiquette, and he was prepared to take the flag down if it started raining during the day. Thank you for keeping our flag flying, William. 

St. Barnabas and Headmaster’s Awards
Our last two awards are selected by the entire upper elementary faculty, with input from teachers all the way back to PK3. They recognize 5th grade students who have epitomized the values of ESA, embraced our mission to develop the habits of scholarship and honor, and lived the words of our school prayer throughout their time with us, however long or short it has been.

The St. Barnabas Award is presented each year to a fifth grade student who has maximized his or her ESA experience by taking full advantage of all that ESA has to offer. 

Evy Brennan

The Headmaster's Award is presented each year to a fifth grader who exemplifies academic excellence and leadership. It is a recognition of his or her contributions to the well-being of the community. 

Camille Cromwell and Clay Cestia

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