Q&A with Lucy, '23

A Q&A with 2022-2023 Student Council President Lucy John, '23. Lucy, STUCO members, and ESA cheerleaders launched the school year in Cade by greeting students at drop-off and introducing the year's theme - Falcontales - with a fun skit in chapel. We asked Lucy to tell us a little bit about herself beyond what we'll see as she leads the student body this year.
What are you most excited about for the coming year?
I’m super excited about making connections with new members of the ESA community! I’m fortunate about the size of our school, since I’m able to meet and collaborate with students from different grade levels, along with making connections with our excellent teachers!
Tell us about your favorite class or subject. What makes it your favorite?
Last year (my junior year), I doubled up in Anatomy and Physiology (Biology II) and Chemistry Honors, and being able to take both of those classes was life changing. Not only were my teachers and classmates super supportive, but I was able to apply principles from both of these classes to everyday life. With dissections labs, projects, and demonstrations, I was never bored in my science classes!
In addition to STUCO, what sorts of activities occupy your time?
Over the summer, I attended the Louisiana Association of Student Council, as well as Louisiana Youth Seminar, and Girls’ State, all to sharpen my leadership skills and connect with people across the state. I’m president of the Spanish Club this year, and do weekly middle school tutoring. Additionally, I’ve taken ExLabs since my freshman year (6 semesters), and I’ve been a peer leader since my junior year. Outside of school, I’m involved in CYT (Christian Youth Theater), and have done 3 years of competitive improv with them. With CYT, I also do community service with the HYPE program (Highschool Youth Pursuing Excellence). I am also a member of the Mayor President’s Youth Advisory Council, and connect and serve with other students across the Lafayette community.
Thanks to STUCO and ESA Cheer for an exciting first day!

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