Upper School Course Awards

Upper School Course & Citizenship Awards
May 17, 2023

English I
Isabella Bourque
Zhenya Avdeeva
English I Honors
Jiya Lodha & Nathalie Breaux
Emma Kyle
English II
Charlie White
Will Brown
English II Honors
Siyeon Joo
Grace Pellegrin
AP Language
Hailey Britton
Social Studies
World History
Colby Huffman
Nathalie Breaux
Western Civilization
Jude Foti
AP European History
Perry Joseph
US History
Luke Harkin
AP US History
Ayla Bergeron
Physical Science
Turner Gachassin
Jonathon Sugeng
Siyeon Joo
Sian Allen
Owen Broussard
Chemistry Honors
Ayla Bergeron
AP Biology
Ayla Bergeron
Hailey Britton
AP Comp Sci
Alex Trahan
AP Physics C: Mechanics
Grace Pellegrin
Algebra I (US)
Violet Vale
Will Schumacher (Highest GPA)
Bird Fuller (True Grit)
Geometry Honors
Turner Gachassin
Algebra II
Anderson Frank
Algebra II Honors
Siyeon Joo
Adleigh Caldwell
Pre-Calculus Honors
Perry Joseph
Adam Gombos
AB Calculus
Maria-Sofia Sotiropoulou
World Languages
French I (US)
Ava Proctor
French II & Honors
Bird Fuller
French III & Honors
Siyeon Joo
Charlie White
French IV Honors
Ayla Bergeron
Martin Davidson
AP French
Maria-Sofia Sotiropoulou
Spanish I
Zoe Bouillion
Spanish II & Honors
Emma Claire Kyle
Nathalie Breaux
Spanish III & Honors
Lilly Rader
Anderson Frank
Spanish IV
Hailey Britton
Owen Broussard
Visual Arts
Sara Grace Hoggatt
Giada Morgan
Sadie Ross
Lillie Jane Turner
Independent Study Management
Ella Langford
Performing Arts
Advanced Music
Owen Broussard
Theatre I
Ava Proctor
Advanced Theatre
Allison Aucoin
Citizenship Awards
ESA's motto, Excellence from Within, is not just a reference to academics and athletics but also to how a student approaches every aspect of life on campus. The recipients of class Citizenship Awards selflessly care for the greater good of their school and their classmates, working to improve the experiences of others and fostering the sense of community this school values. Their generosity of spirit, goodwill, empathy, and willingness enrich all of us and our time together. 

Ninth-Grade Citizenship Awards
Oliver Eble and Avery Liles
Tenth-Grade Citizenship Awards
Zoe Bouillion and Andrew Crochet

Eleventh-Grade Citizenship Awards
Jacques Gachassin and Sam Arceneaux  
Scholar athletes are one male and one female who have maintained the highest GPA in their classes while participating in our athletic program. ESA applauds their excellence in both academics and athletics.

Freshmen scholar-athletes - Colby Huffman and Jiya Lodha
Sophomore scholar-athletes - Grace Pellegrin and Perry Joseph
Junior scholar-athletes - Maria-Sofia Sotiropoulou and Adam Gombos

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