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Year-End Honors

This week, teachers in Cade recognized sixth and seventh-grade students, and ninth through eleventh-grade students with course and other awards. Congratulations to the students receiving awards for the 2023-2024 school year!

Sixth-Grade Citizenship Award - Daniel Riggs
Seventh-Grade Citizenship Award - Austin Brown

6th-Grade Academic Awards
RWW - Teddy Lalande
Louisiana Studies - Guiliana Lipari
Math 6 - Preston Roy
Math 6 - Honors - Daniel Riggs
Math 7 Honors - Arnav Kumar
Science - Emersen Chen
French 6 - Bea Lalande
French 7 - Zeyd Ben-Youssef
French I (US) - Emersen Chen
Spanish 6 - Samaira Srivastava
Music 6 - Lily Mejias
Art 6 - Nora Whitman

7th-Grade Academic Awards
English - Chaney Joseph
Geography - Chaney Joseph
Math 7 - Hannah Chaisson
Algebra I Honors - Muskaan Lodha (7th)
Science 7 - Sophie Wilson
French 7 - Austin Brown
Spanish 7 - Raj Kasturi
Drama 7 - Lewis Regard
Music 7 - Liam Caswell
Art 7 - Jeremiah Morgan

Junior Book Awards
Harvard Book Award – Siyeon Joo
Rensselaer Medal & Smith Book Award – Grace Pellegrin
University of Rochester Awards:
   Bausch + Lomb Honorary Science Award – Arun Cacodcar
   Frederick Douglass & Susan B. Anthony Award - Andrew Crochet
   George Eastman Young Leaders Award – Anderson Frank
   Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology - Luke Schwarz
Tulane Book Award - Cade Broussard
Yale Book Award – Perry Joseph

Citizenship Awards
Freshmen - Avery Elise Monica and Pax Leger
Sophomores - Marie Walton and Austen Montet
Juniors - Devon Wenger and Tripp Monica

New NHS Inductees - Juniors and Sophomores
Zoe Bouillion
Arun Cacodcar
Anderson Frank
Siyeon Joo
May Kordisch
Scarlett Osborn
Grace Pellegrin
Maisy Prellop
Lilly Rader
Coen Romero

Nathalie Breaux
Turner Gachassin
Colby Huffman

Cum Laude Inductees - Juniors
Arun Cacodcar
Siyeon Joo
Perry Joseph
Grace Pellegrin

Ninth through Eleventh-Grade Course Awards
English I - Andon Bergeron and Kate Miller
English I Honors - Grace Schwarz and Scout Helveston
English II - Bella Bourque and Ryan Miniex
English II Honors - Hannah DeHart and Emma Kyle
AP Language - Siyeon Joo

Social Studies
World History - Andon Bergeron and Avery Pitre
AP Euro - Hannah DeHart and Turner Gachassin
US History - Ben Kane 
AP US History - Scarlett Osborn and Celia Cromwell 
Environmental Science - Siyeon Joo
Physical Science - Juliet Williams and Andon Bergeron
Biology - Marie Walton
Chemistry - Benjamin Kane
Chemistry Honors - Lilly Rader 
AP Chemistry - Grace Pellegrin 
AP Biology - Siyeon Joo
Intro to Computer Science - Cecilia Sugeng 
AP Physics C: Mechanics - Arun Cacodcar
AP Physics C: E&M - Grace Pellegrin
Algebra I (US) - Chloe Willis (8th grade)
Geometry - Paxton Leger and Bella Bourque
Geometry Honors - Andon Bergeron
Algebra II - Charlie White and Mark Miller 
Algebra II Honors - Andon Bergeron
Pre-Calculus - Ben Kane and Anderson Frank
AP Calculus BC - Grace Pellegrin
World Language
French I (US) - Emersen Chen 
French II & Honors - Cain Meche
French III & Honors - Ella Uebinger
French IV Honors - Siyeon Joo
AP French - Perry Joseph
Spanish II & Honors - Avery Pitre and Andon Bergeron
Spanish III & Honors - Marie Walton and Emma Claire
Spanish IV -Maisy Prellop
Visual Arts
Painting - Andrew Crochet
Ceramics - Avery Monica and Sian Allen
Performing Arts
Music Course - Jackson Blem
Advanced Music - Aiden Gewin
Theatre I (US) - Pax Fischer 
Theatre II - Jessie Roane 
Advanced Theatre - Will Brown and Lorraine Malinowski 
Scholar Athletes
9th Grade - Avery Elise Monica and Cain Meche
10th Grade - Jiya Lodha and Colby Huffman
11th Grade - Grace Pellegrin and Arun Cacodcar

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